Afghanistan: Taliban orders women to stay home. publicly concealed |

According to information obtained by UNAMA, this is an official directive, not a recommendation, and the male relative will be punished if violated.

This decision contradicts numerous convictions about respect for the human rights of all Afghans, including the rights of women and girls.“This is what Taliban representatives have provided to the international community during discussions and negotiations over the past decade,” UNAMA said in a statement.

After the Taliban took over in August 2021, the Taliban became convinced that women could enjoy their rights in the workplace, in education or in society in general.

Women’s rights in the crosshairs, again

Recent cuts in women’s rights in the country have resulted in restrictions similar to previous Taliban rules between 1996 and 2001, according to news reports about a decree requiring women to only see their eyes and encouraging them to wear a head-to-toe burqa. evokes. .

It also follows a breach of previous promises to pacify hardline rule at the cost of further marginalization of the international community. in fact Authority stands ready to forge positive relationships with the wider world.

The Taliban have confirmed that secondary schools will reopen in September after coming to power, but only boys will return to their classrooms.

Female teachers across the country were also unable to resume their work.

6 weeks ago, in fact Authorities’ decision to postpone secondary education for Afghan girls again received widespread international, regional and regional condemnation.

seek clarification

The Taliban’s recent decision threatens to further strain relations with the international community.

UNAMA will immediately request a meeting with the Taliban in fact Authorities requesting clarification of the status of this decision,” the statement added, adding that UNAMA will also consult with members of the international community on the meaning of this latest statute.

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