Security Council votes to strengthen UN priorities in Afghanistan |

Of the 15 members of the Board of Directors, 14 voted in favor of Resolution 2626 (2022) and the Russian representative abstained.


The adopted text renews the mission of the United Nations Support Mission in Afghanistan (UNAMA) for one year with a shift in priorities.

In light of the rapidly changing field conditions, Missions focused on coordinating humanitarian aid delivery, providing support for dialogue and good offices, and promoting good governance and the rule of law.

Other highlighted work included promoting human rights, supporting and promoting gender equality, and monitoring, reporting and advocating for the civilian situation.

Through this text, members also urged Afghanistan’s political actors and stakeholders, including relevant authorities as needed, to work with UNAMA to fulfill their missions and ensure the safety, security and freedom of movement of staff.

Gigi’s ‘clear message’

Norway’s ambassador to the resolution, Mona Joul, who is a “must-have”, said the committee delivers a “clear message” that, in a time of unprecedented challenges and uncertainties since its adoption, it is unwaveringly supporting the people of Afghanistan.

She added that the resolution calls on UNAMA to engage in issues involving all Afghan actors, including the Taliban, and the nation’s people.

It also strengthens the mission’s work to promote women’s rights and participation in public life.

speak as one

British Ambassador Dame Barbara Woodward said the committee “spoke with one voice” to support UNAMA and its important role.

But raise concerns about Afghanistan’s actions in fact According to Taliban authorities, she cited reports of retaliation against former officials and attacks and threats against members of minority groups and civil society.

“The Taliban need to show that extremist groups can no longer thrive in this country,” she said, regretting that a lawmaker decided to abstain from voting at a time when the Taliban people need the most support. has expressed.

People waiting for food rations in a remote area of ​​Herat province, Afghanistan.

© WFP/Sadek Nasseri

People waiting for food rations in a remote area of ​​Herat province, Afghanistan.

Avoid ‘Mission Impossible’

Russian ambassador Vasily A. Nevenjia, explaining her position, said she was forced to abstain as attempts to obtain host country consent to a UN presence were ignored.

He warns against continuing on the path of “obstinate ignorance” and seeking unrelated approaches, in fact Authorities will help UNAMA complete its mission and prevent turning into “UN Mission Impossible”.

new step

Chinese Ambassador Zhang Jun said that Afghanistan has entered a new phase of peaceful reconstruction after the events in August.

He insisted that economic recovery is the most urgent task facing the country right now, and that it should be a top priority for UNAMA.

Furthermore, the global village must adhere to the principles of Afghanistan-led and Afghanistan ownership, combat all forms of terrorism and restore economic development.

“There are still many doubts as to whether the work set out in this power of attorney is appropriate,” he said. “Things are still changing rapidly and we need the flexibility to change the power of attorney at any time.”

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