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The executions of Nagaenthran Dharmalingam and Datchinamurthy Kataiah are imminent, the United Nations Office for Human Rights said in a statement, noting clearly “a remarkable acceleration of execution notices” in Singapore since the beginning of the year.

OHCHR spokeswoman Ravina Shamdasani said Dharmalingam was arrested in 2009 and convicted of drug trafficking.

His family heard last week that he was due to be executed this Wednesday.

Several appeals alleging intellectual disability were dismissed and the request for a pardon was dismissed., Seed. Shamdasani explained.

A second inmate awaiting execution, Kataiah, was arrested in 2011 and convicted of trafficking diamorphine to Singapore. Last week his family was informed that he would be executed on Friday.

death row crime

After a hiatus for more than two years, on March 30, Singapore executed Abdul Kahar bin Othman, convicted of drug-related crimes.

At least three other men convicted of drug-related offenses are now at risk of death sentences, the OHCHR warned, naming them Roslan bin Bakar, Rosman bin Abdullah and Pannir Selvam Pranthaman.

furthermore, More than 50 death row inmates are reported to have been imprisoned in Singapore.

abolition momentum

According to the UN Commission on Human Rights, about 170 countries have either abolished or introduced moratoriums on the death penalty, either legally or in practice.

Despite this growing trend, an independent UN-designated panel explained that a small number of countries maintained the death penalty, primarily because of its belief that it deterred crime. The Commission said some countries still allow the death penalty for crimes other than extreme crimes involving willful murder, including drug-related or terrorism charges.

According to the website, the universal abolition of the death penalty is “necessary for the improvement of human dignity and the gradual advancement of human rights”, according to the website, “more work is needed”.

The committee explained that the move follows a resolution of the General Assembly, like-minded member states, civil society, the United Nations Special Procedures Order, and a moratorium on the death penalty and ultimately others campaigning for abolition of the death penalty worldwide.

Incompatible with international law

Repeating that message, Ms. Shamdasani argued that: It is against international human rights law to sentence people to death for drug-related offenses.“Countries that have not yet abolished the death penalty should only impose the death penalty for “the most serious crimes”, which are usually interpreted as extreme felonies involving willful murder.

commuter phone

We urge the Singapore authorities to immediately halt the action plan.consider granting [Mr.] Damalingham and [Mr.] Be generous with Kataiah and commute their sentences to prison,” Shamdasani said.

The OHCHR also said that “there is growing evidence that the death penalty is ineffective as a deterrent” and urged Singaporeans to reconsider their longstanding stance on the death penalty and consider implementing a moratorium on all death sentences pending such a review.

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